What Are Steps for Using AVG Uninstall Tool?

Installation of avg involves a set of steps similarly uninstallation also involves few steps which you have to follow. You can use windows control panel to remove or uninstall programs properly from the system. Suppose you find that you are having difficulty in removing it then you can download AVG uninstall tool from the website and follow the steps mentioned in it for completing the process of uninstallation. After you download the tool you have to run it then you will find that a log file is generated. This file will show you information about all the avg programs that were detected and removed from the system. If you find these steps very tough to understand, then you can contact our team by dialing AVG tech support phone number. Our team is well equipped with advanced technologies, so they are able to uninstall it easily.

AVG Uninstall tool

Before proceeding with the steps of uninstallation you have to ensure that you follow some other precautionary measures. Usually when you download AVG uninstall tool from the website when you want to eliminate all parts of your AVG including registry files, installation files, user files, etc. Before downloading the tool, you must check the product of AVG that you are using as each product comes with different set of steps. You have to restart the computer so that there are no AVG updates or tests running in the background and you are able to uninstall AVG without any hindrance. Only after that you have to log in windows as user with administrative rights.

These are few things that you have to keep in mind before uninstalling the AVG and suppose you find that you are unable to understand any of the step then you have to dial our number. Our executives will help you to understand all the precautions clearly. Now let us discuss the steps involved in using the AVG uninstall tool:

  • Firstly, you have to download the removal tool. You can easily download it from the website and if you are unable to download it or you have difficulty in finding the tool for your version of AVG then make sure that you avail the help of our executives.
  • Once the tool is downloaded on your device then you have to run the downloaded file and you have to accept the license agreement and privacy policy of the AVG which you can do by clicking on continue.
  • As soon as the removal tool is run, the tool will scan the computer and will find all the installed AVG products. Once the list is generated then you have to select the product you want to uninstall and after that you have to click on remove to delete all those products.

These steps of using AVG removal tool will surely ensure that all the AVG products are completely removed from your device. But you have to make sure that once the steps are followed accurately then you have to restart the computer. Finally, if you find that you get a security warning of open file after restarting the computer then you have to click on run for completing the uninstallation process.

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